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 Ballet should be a part of every students education. It teaches poise and grace that will last a lifetime. Ballet instruction includes the Cecchetti method which enables the serious students to pass graded exams, classical ballet, lyrical and pointe.
Teachers have been trained in Cecchetti and Russian methods along with studying with the Flint Ballet Theater.

 Jazz is one of the most exciting forms of dance for students. It consist of either funk, hip hop or jazz, which is what you will see on television videos or in the movies. Jazz encourages self-expression and creativity for children of all ages.
Teachers have received excellent training from some of the best instructors in the nation including Joan and Barry Lather, Joe Tremaine and Gus Giordano.

 Tap is a way to have fun and develop rhythm, timing and coordination at the same time. It is a must for every dancer to receive a background in tap regardless of their area of specialization.
Teachers here have received training from some of the best Tap Masters in America, including Al Gilbert and Kim Ranney from the broadway "Top Dogs". Smooth Steps is proud of their tap program and believes it is one of the finest programs available in the state.

 Poms is a form of dance that requires precision and unity. Any dancer that has an interest in a dance team on a high school or college level would benefit greatly from this program
Teachers have been members of Swartz Creeks National winning squad, USCA training and also consist of a former staff member of CHEER Michigan. Smooth Steps All-Star Pom Squad received 3rd place at Nationals, they performed on ESPN, and Smooth Steps is Genesee Counties only All-star Dance Team....
Auditions are held in May.

 Tumbling will develop body control. Mats, belts, certified mats, and mini-tramps insure students’ safety while obtaining some of the most difficult tricks. It is a must for anyone wanting to compete for a spot on cheerleading, dance teams or competitive sports.
Teachers have been USGF trained, and have been coached by the areas finest. Smooth Steps is proud of their tumbling program and believes it to be the finest program in the county to prepare students for dance, cheerleading, swim teams, karate, and numerous other sports.

Teachers certified in Cecchetti Ballet with a bachelor's in Elementary Education, Dance & Fine Arts and Business.
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