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Kendall, Niki, Alison, & Mom
Brian & Alison Williston

    The Smooth Steps Dance Studio has been family owned and operated since 1955. It started out as Gail Kivett Studio of Dance with all classes being taught by Gail.
  Gail received some of the best training she could get growing up obtaining her knowledge from some of the best tap masters in Michigan along with studying and receiving teachers certification in Cecchetti Ballet.
    Gail went on to have 6 children, with 3 of her daughters, Alison, Melanie and Niki are now teaching and directing right along with her. Gails daughters also have received the best training in all forms of dance, gymnastics and cheerleading which has helped the studio to become what is is today and is now known as Kivett’s Smooth Steps Dance Studio.
    We are proud to be able to offer such a diversified range of classes. Students can choose from ballet, tap, jazz, gymnastics & pom pon. Each instructor teaches in the area of their expertise, which allows students to learn from many styles of teachers. By enrolling your child in dance, she will develop individual accomplishments and a social poise that will be carried throughout life.

Teachers certified in Cecchetti Ballet with a bachelor's in Elementary Education, Dance & Fine Arts and Business.
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Smooth Steps Studio

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